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Passing my initial review and conference presentation

It has been a very long time since I have posted on here, sorry! This is due to a combination of having been unwell, and getting very busy at university with various projects. But this is precisely what I wanted to avoid: posting about the PhD journey is an important way of documenting the process, and of sticking to a routine. So I promise not to leave it so long next time.

This week has been a great one for my PhD: I passed my initial review! This is the 6 month review of your revised research proposal, proposed time scales etc. This process was instrumental in getting my research to the stage it is at now (which I will talk about more next week). By going through the specific aims and objectives of the research; methodology; and proposed outcomes,  I managed to hone in on what I wanted to focus on. The panel assessing my research proposal were lovely and thorough; their job is to make your research the best it can be. I was nervous going into the panel, but having passed, I have new confidence in my research and my own ability to do this PhD (as impostor syndrome is very real, I can tell you).

I also presented a photo presentation at Bournemouth University’s PGR conference on Wednesday. This is a really nice way to showcase your research; you take an image that captures your research and then explain how it relates to your research in a few sentences. I took the image of the Cannes marina pictured above, as Cannes hosts the famous film festival each year.

This was the accompanying explanation:

“The photograph is of the Cannes marina, which hosts the famous film festival. My research focuses on the tension between copyright law and the EU film industry, in balancing the rights of consumers and content creators in such an economically and culturally valuable industry, and in preserving our social heritage.”

The conference was brilliant. It’s so easy to get immersed in your own research area, and not be aware of the diverse research being carried out in different fields. You learn so much by just listening. I’ve linked a video below with clips from the conference, at 2.02 you can see me and a colleague laughing. We were actually laughing at my attempts to eat a cupcake delicately – for anyone who hasn’t been to a conference before, they are fun as well as informative. So go along to any PGR conferences that you can!

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