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My first conference presentation and charity fundraising

Last week was very exciting – I gave my first conference presentation! Bournemouth Uni put on the Faculty of Media and Communication Post Graduate Conference 2017 on Wednesday, showcasing the diverse research going on in the department. My short presentation was titled “More than just a (c) symbol: Understanding copyright law and how to protect your work”.

The talk was aimed at the other PhD students and their research, as we are spending at least three years creating an academic thesis, so it;s very important that people understand how to protect their work! I had been extremely nervous before I presented, but it went well. I did not have to rely on my notes, but I always feel more comfortable having them in front of me, just in case. All of my PhD friends were in the audience, and seeing all their friendly faces smiling at me really helped calm my nerves.

I also ran a charity bake sale last week for The Children’s Society. The charity works primarily with 11-18 year old children in England and Wales, helping them with issues such as homelessness, sexual exploitation and mental health issues. I’m the Challenge Leader for the Ice & Fire Trek in Iceland for the charity, leading a small group of people as we all fundraise for the charity. We baked lots of Halloween cakes, cookies and brownies, and they all sold out! There were some very generous people who donated all their change to us – thank you very much to those people!

Also, I have been helping in some Film seminars this week with second year undergraduates, going through the sort of contracts that they will be using in industry after they graduate. I think it’s great that they are learning about how to protect their IP as creatives, as often this is not touched on at all in film degrees at other universities. It also helped me, as I was learning about the realities of the film industry in practice and how the film financing heavily influences how the contracts are written.

So a brilliant, but hectic, week!

3 thoughts on “My first conference presentation and charity fundraising”

  1. Congrats on your first presentation! It sounds like you had a great time doing it. I was so nervous for mine but they’re such a great way of showing off your research to other interested people.

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