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Getting ready for the PhD: stationery mini-haul!

For those of you who cannot resist buying more stationery whenever you see it – even though you have a pile of blank notebooks at home waiting to be used – I hope you enjoy my stationery mini-haul!

I adore these notebooks that I picked up in Paperchase; and had to restrain myself from buying any more. In particular, I really like the 2017/2018 blue flowery diary which will be keeping me organised for the first year of my PhD.


The A5 Paperchase list book is brilliant and exactly what I was looking for. It has one lined side for making longer notes and the left hand side holds lots of tear-off lists and post-it notes.


This pretty A4 lined notebook was a leaving gift from my lovely colleagues and I am very excited to get to use it.


Notice the flamingo sticky notes. You can never have too many! I also bought lots of pens, as my days are going to spent primarily writing and reading at my desk.


This is a lovely week-organiser that I picked up in Primark. The organiser is a little bigger than A4 with separate columns for each day of the week, and you tear the top page off at the end of each week. I will be using this religiously to keep me on top of any deadlines I have.


I was worried I wouldn’t have enough notebooks, so I thought “let’s buy 5 more”. No regrets.


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